Terms of use

I. Scope of the Terms of use


The terms and conditions regarding the use of information society services available at the Webpage operated by Élményliget Kft. are the subject of these Terms of use.

All visitors and any person using the services available at the Webpage are considered as User. Should the User begin, start the use of any element of the Webpage, that shall be considered as the acceptance of these Terms of use.

Élményliget Kft. is entitled to modify, amend these Terms of use at any time.


II. Purpose of the Webpage


The purpose of the Webpage is to provide information regarding Gyulai István Memorial – Hungarian Grand Prix as wide as possible for Users.

Élményliget Kft. preserves the right to modify, amend, terminate or limit the availability of the Webpage or its content at its own discretion at any time without prior warning, notice as well as to change the appearance, content and operation and to insert advertisements or any other content including also contents showing the operator’s own services. Élményliget Kft. does not warrant and guarantee the continuous access to the Webpage. Élményliget Kft. states that the hyperlinks (links) to be found, inserted in the posts, writings published as own content on the Webpage shall be considered as information for the Users exclusively, and shall not be qualified as advertisement.


III. Registration

The User may use the Webpage without registration.

Media representatives and volunteers may register for the Gyulai István Memorial – Hungarian Grand Prix on the Webpage in order to be part of the Grand Prix as media representative or volunteer. This registration however is not in connection with the use of the Webpage as a User.

To start the media and volunteer registration the registration form must be filled out with correct and proper data completely. Should the media representative or the volunteer not provide all mandatory data, or should he/she provide the data in improper form, then the registration cannot be accepted and the registration procedure starts again until the registration becomes complete and full. The registration may be deleted at any time by the media representative or the volunteer, however all entitlements connected to the registration (in particular: the right to take part in the Grand Prix as media representative or volunteer) shall be considered as terminated at the same time when the registration is deleted. The registration shall be considered terminated upon the deletion by Élményliget Kft. due to just cause. Élményliget Kft. shall have no liability for the uncomplete data, nor for any consequences arising out of any incorrect data.


IV. Terms and conditions regarding the use of the Webpage, intellectual property rights and liability


The Webpage of Gyulai István Memorial – Hungarian Grand Prix and all of its contents, parts, elements are covered by intellectual property rights and are subject to copyright protection, so all related rights may exclusively be exercised by Élményliget Kft. Without the prior written authorisation, permission of Élményliget Kft. any form of the reproduction, copy, transfer, assignment, distribution or adaption of the Webpage in whole or in part are prohibited, except of the shares on facebook, twitter or any social media where the User indicates the source of the post, news (e.g.: clicking on share or retweet buttons).

The reproduction, copy, any form of publication or displaying, indicating the content of the Webpage in whole or in part as own post, work, creation thereby infringing copyrights are forbidden. Élményliget Kft. gives consent to the download and printing of the Webpage’s content, parts for non-commercial use only, provided that the User shall keep the intellectual property and copyright declarations. The copies or reproductions of any part of the Webpage shall not be used for profit-making and shall not be subject to exploitation, shall not be modified, amended, changed, moreover shall not be used in other works, publications or websites.

The Gyulai István Memorial – Hungarian Grand Prix logo and compound word are trade marks and are covered by intellectual property rights which right holder is Élményliget Kft. The content of the Webpage shall not be interpreted under any circumstances as consent given by Élményliget Kft. to the use of nor as permission for the usage of the trade marks to anyone. The (unlawful) use of the logos, trademarks appearing on the Webpage is strictly prohibited for the Users. Élményliget Kft. enforces its intellectual property rights as well as its copyrights so far as possible and within the limits permitted by the law.

The content of the Webpage shall be interpreted as originally worded, without any change. Taking into consideration that changes may occur independent from the will and influence of Élményliget Kft., Élményliget Kft. takes no responsibility for the accuracy, reliability, actuality of the Webpage’s content nor for the inserted advertisements.

Élményliget Kft. makes regular backups about the files, data, settings inserted, put on its servers from time to time, furthermore Élményliget Kft. does its best efforts to protect the Users’ personal data.

Élményliget Kft. takes care of the data savings and backups as well as of the data security and their continuous development. Élményliget Kft. however does not take liability for damages which may occur due to internet disfunction or failure of the hardware, software, network, or which may arise from the improper use of the Webpage by the Users.

Élményliget Kft. excludes all and any liability for damages, costs, losses which may occur, arise in connection with the Webpage with its use, uselessness, not proper operation, disfunction, failure, breakdown, computer virus, malfunction or due to any similar reasons. Élményliget Kft. however guarantees that the failure causing the disfunction or non-function of the service will be solved within 5 working days at the latest. Élményliget Kft. is entitled to publish advertisements and advertising in accordance with Act XLVIII of 2018 and with the relevant laws and regulations. Should Élményliget Kft. find out that the advertisement, advertising infringes the law, it shall immediately remove, depose it from the Webpage.

The User uses the Webpage under his own and exclusive liability.

It is strictly prohibited to use systems or method which aim, make possible or may result in any usage of the Webpage in a way not expressly permitted by this Terms of use or the shutdown of the services operating the Webpage, or which harms, hinders the proper function, operation of the Webpage.

The webpage may only be used within the limits of the laws, without the infringement of the rights of third parties or Gyulai István Memorial – Hungarian Grand Prix respectively Élményliget Kft. and in accordance with these Terms of use. Should any User use the Webpage in such way which is considered as the breach of these Terms of use or the laws, or in abusive way, then Gyulai István Memorial – Hungarian Grand Prix respectively Élményliget Kft. is entitled to take the necessary legal actions in order to challenge the User.


V. Data protection


The processing of the Users’ personal data is regulated by the Privacy Notice.