Zsolt Lehrner the Vice Mayor of Székesfehérvár started the conference by greeting the audience and stating that despite the meeting is going to be held behind closed doors the fans can follow the whole meeting on TV and on online streams and cheer for the world stars. 


According to Peter Deutsch the president of the organizing committee, this year’s meeting going to be a special one, all of the supporters and sponsors have been standing beside the event during this period of time. Much has been done by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as managers, sports professionals who have committed to solve the transportation difficulties. It’s different because back in 2011 we were sitting in a fully crowded press conference, and now on the 10th meeting there is an empty hall.

“When we were preparing to hold the 10th anniversary meeting, we didn't think that the conditions would change so much, but the most important thing is that there is going to be Hungarian Athletics Grand Prix in Székesfehérvár tomorrow.


Attila Spiriev sport director said that we should be happy to even hold a press conference today. The sport director thanked Peter Deutsch, the president of the organizing committee for fighting so hard for the meeting, and that is a great success that we could organize this meeting on the 19th August.

– World class athletes arrived, so the question is not about who did not, it’s about who did come.


He also emphasized that it is extremely important that we can provide Hungarian athletes the opportunity to compete.


After the organizers’ speech, the 110m hurdles world champion Grant Holloway took over the microphone, who started his professional career at the Gyula István Memorial last year, just before he became a world champion in Doha.

– I received a lot of love and opportunity from this competition, so I am very grateful to the organizers. Winning a world champion title at the age of 21 does not mean a much right now. I started my season with a time of 13.19 a few days ago in Monaco. Now it does not matter what title who has. I also posted on Twitter that I want everyone to consistently build their season. The virus changed my life, I couldn’t even get on the field until June, I had to train on the street.


Donovan Brazier, the 800m world champion who won with a new American record, said what had changed in his life in 2019 and after.


Last year was very interesting because I came back after an injury. I was preparing with a new coach, in a new city - Portland - and it brought me success. The more successful a person is, the sooner they start making theories about it, but the important thing for me now is to win the competition, no matter what the clock shows in the end, although I would be happy if I could make a record in Székesfehérvár.


Dafne Schippers, world champion runner, is going to compete in Hungary for the first time, and she has heard a lot of good things about the Gyulai István Memorial.

– For long time this year, I could only train indoors or run in the woods. I feel like there was no problem with the quality of the work, but tomorrow will see how it turns out. Generally, my aim is to win an Olympic medal, but I always focus on the next goals, and now that is to win tomorrow.


The two-time world champion Noah Lyles said that during his infamous 18.90s world record run – which was later denied - the organizers made the mistake.

– There was a big headwind, so I knew that is impossible to run such a good time like that.

– Your brother Josephus runs the 400m tomorrow, how do you motivate each other?

– Since we were young, we run together, there is a rivalry between us, but we feel great with each other.

– You are often considered as the successor of Usain Bolt, as you are not only fast, but you can entertain the crowd. 

– You have to be fun for the fans. It is a part of it that I run, for example I always run in different socks. It is important that people wait for you to get on the track. Anyway, I want to make records every meeting, so it will be tomorrow, like it would be my last competition.


The four-time world, two-time Olympic champion triple jumper, Christian Taylor, was greeted by Márton Gyulai, competition director: - Welcome back home, as you are coming home to Hungary.

Regarding to what he still would like to achieve, Taylor said:

– I want to break to 18.29m world record. My personal best is 18.21m. Being second on the all-time list is unbearable. I work for this every single day. There are so many components like the atmosphere in the stadium and the performance of the competitors are important too, because if they jump big they encourage me to achieve a better result.


The European and world championship bronze medalist hammer thrower, Bence Halász commented on the last few months behind:

– It was very difficult, but I set myself a new goal, and that is to reach 80m. 12 cm is missing, which seems small, but it’s not. It is very good that at least the Gyulai István Memorial is going to be held, since there will be no Olympics or European Championships.

The trio including Fajdek, Nowicki and you stand out from the others. How could you get close to the two Polish?

– I have learned to only compete with myself and not to focus what the others do. What I care about is always my goals and not meters or placement as it will be the case tomorrow. I came here to pass 80m and I am going to do everything to achieve it.


The X. Gyulai István Memorial - Hungarian Athletics Grand Prix will be broadcasted live by M4 Sport and m4sport.hu, on Wednesday, August 19, from 17:00.

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