The double victory of Noah Lyles, Luca Kozák’s national record and Orlando Ortega’s first place stole the show

The X. Gyulai István Memorial – Hungarian Grand Prix started with Németh Zsanett’s throw (Dobó SE’s hammer thrower) in beautiful sunshine, and light breeze at Székesfehérvár’s Bregyó Athletics Center.

The first event was all about the duel of France’s Alexandra Tavernier (73.09) and Poland’s Malvina Kopron (72.68) from which Alexandra Taverinier came out on top while Hanna Malisik (70.59) of Belarus took the bronze medal. Considering the Hungarian competitors, Gyurátz Réka (66.80) took 6th, while Orbán Éva (62.36) took the 8th.

After the competition Réka said that she made multiple technical mistakes, and her speed was not perfect either, that is why she is not satisfied with her performance but as she will be participating at least in three more competition this year, she stays hopeful.


The Polish Wojciech Nowicki (78.07) topped Men’s Hammer throw right ahead of Bence Halász (78.00) and Mihajlo Kohan (77.78) of Ukraine. Poland’s 4-times world champion Paweł Fajdek (76.08) took 4th, while Hungarian olympic champion Krisztián Pars (70.59) finished the event at 8th.

Bence Halász expected more from himself, as he told us in the post-competition interview, he wanted to throw the hammer farther than 80 m, but according to him, he will accomplish this distance soon.

The 100 m Women’s hurdles lining up six Hungarian and one foreigner athlete has been won by the Slovakian Stanislava Škvarková (13.17), while 100m Women’s dash with one American and seven Hungarian competitors has been won by Aleia Hobbs (11.54).


Olivér Almási (10.97) took the first place of Hungarian National Men’s dash, qualifying himself to the star-studded international competition.


Men’s 400 m hurdles were won by the American David Kendziera (50.00) right ahead of Rasmus Magi (50.18) of Estonia, while Máté Koroknai (50.59) took the 3rd place.


Nasztaszia Mironcsik-Ivanova (6.77) of Belarus came out on top of Women’s long jump by only 1 cm topping Marina Bek-Mironcsuk (6.76) of Ukraine and Diána Lesti (6.65). Anasztázia Nguyen (6.51) took 4th, Petra Farkas (6.44) took 7th, Xénia Krizsán took (6.13 SB) 9th, Rita Nemes (5.95) took 11th, while Klaudia Endrész (5.94) took 12th. As a bit of a surprise, the British Sarah Proctor (5.76) finished last.

Regarding high jump duos, Barbara Szabó of UTE and Dániel Jankovics of MTK Budapest won the gold medal, their added up result was 3.87m.


The Dutch Femke Bol (54.67) became the fastest in Women’s 400m hurdles, just ahead of Anna Rizsikova (55.86) of Ukraine, and the Canadian Sage Watson (56.29).


In Women’s 400m dash the American Wadeline Jonathas (52.09) came out on top, while the Dutch Lieke Klavert (52.11) took the silver and the British Laviai Nielsen (52.24 SB) took the bronze medal. Evelin Nádházy (53.87) became 8th.

The American Kahmari Montgomery (45.50) took first place with his season’s best at Men’s 400 m dash, followed by his compatriot Josephus Lyles (46.08) and the Slovenian Luka Janežič (46.16).

There was no surprise regarding the winner of Men’s 100 m dash, where Noah Lyles (10.05) of the USA became the fastest runner, right ahead of Adam Gemili (10.28 SB) of Great Britain and Lyles’s compatriot Elijah Hall-Thompson (10.31).


The first place of discus throw was taken by Daniel Ståhl (67.31) of Sweden. ahead of Andrius Gudžiust (67.08) of Lithuania and the also Swedish Simon Petterssont (65.70).


In Women’s 100m hurdles we could witness history made, as Luca Kozák has broken the National Record of Hungary with her 12.71 run. The previous record was held by Xénia Siska with 12.76. This previuos record has lasted for 36 years since 20th of August 1984. With this result Kozák took the silver medal right behind Nadine Visser (12.68 =WL, =SB) who has just run her season’s best. The bronze medal was taken by Elvira Hermant (12.96) of Belarus. As a bit of a surprise the America Sharika Nelvis (13.09) took the 6th, while Gréta Kerekes (13.27) finished 7th.

There were two events of Men’s 110m hurdles. In the first one Jason Joseph (13.42) of Switzerland came first. Bálint Szeles (13.75 PB) took the 5th, while Dániel Eszes (14.47) took the 8th spot.

In the second event the Spanish Orlando Ortega (13.21) took first place, just a bit ahead of current world champion Grant Holloway (13.22). Freddie Crittenden (13.30 SB) took the bronze medal. The representatives of Hungary, Valdó Szűcs (13.74) took the 7th, while dr. Balazs Baji (13.86) took the 8th.


Triple jump was also a real star-parade at this year’s Gyulai István Memorial – Hungarian Athletics Grand Prix. The gold medal was taken by Hugues Fabrice Zango (17.43 WL) of Burkina Faso with a world leading result of this year. Christian Taylor (17.34 SB) took the second place, right ahead of Pedro Pablo Pichardo (17.28 SB)

Lyonna Irby (22.55) of the USA won the Women’s 200m dash, followed by the Dutch Dafne Schippers (22.94) and Mujinga Kambundji (23.25 SB) of Switzerland. Marie-Josée Ta Lou (23.33) took the 4th, while Hungarian Jusztina Csóti (24.28 SB) finished 8th.

Men’s 200 m dash lined up with Noah Lyles (20.13), who has won this event just like he won 100m dash previously. The 2nd place was taken by Eseosa Desalu (20.35 SB), while the 3rd was taken by the British Adam Gemili (20,56 SB). They have both run their season’s bests.

The closing event was Men’s 600 m dash, in which Donovan Brazier (1:15.07 MR) became gold medalist, ahead of the Puerto Rican Wesley Vázquezt (1:15.31) and Balázs Vindics (1:16.84). Tamás Kazi (1:18.68) took the 7th place.


Orlando Ortega, the winner of Men’s 110m hurdles received the Dr. Spiriev Bojidar Trophy. The best athlete trophy was taken by Luca Kozák from the Women, and Bence Halász from the Men.


At the end of the competition Márton Gyulai the Director of Competition greeted Péter Deutsch the President of the Organising Committee as he was celebrating his birthday on the 19th of August.


Hope to see all of our fans in 2021. The Legend continues…

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